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bottle feeding advise please

hi im a new first time mum... ive been bottle feeding him and what ive been doing is

in the morning when I get up I boil the kettle and put boiling water in 2 or 3 bottles then I put the lids on and leave them on the side to cool (my boy doesn't like warm bottles so there all room temp) then I just add the milk when he wants/needs a feed. has anyone else done it this way.. ive been doing it like this for 3/4 days and hes been fine


  • Exactly what i used to do too with my 2 kids - sounds perfectly fine to me (you're sterilising the bottles right?). Sounds fine hon x

  • Yeh I sterilise them but apparently they should be reheated before he has them because the milk won't dissolve properly.... it's so confusing... we're gonna start trying him with the ready made stuff now xx

  • Is this a health visitor telling you this? If so, it's their 'guidelines' but we honestly never had a problem - do what you're comfortable with hon - and the ready made stuff is so much more expensive too. Honeslty, so many people i know made the bottle us up this way.x

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