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Silent reflux, milk help

Hello,I would love some advice if possible on my five month old baby! Sorry for long post...

Since newborn I struggled with feeding her, it was put down to colic for months and months as for this I put her onto the comfort milk wich helped slightly...

After months the doctor disasgnosed with silent reflux and added Gaviscon wich helped at first, then that stopped it's effect as much so she has this added with raninadine 3x daily wich seems great if adjusted to her weight, my dilemma is I got told recently by someone that the Gaviscon and comfort milk can be too much making the problems worse by it being too heavy on the tummy, holding wind down? The gps have never mentioned this... Should I now Try her on normal milk or keep her on the comfort since things have improved?! Thank you for any help! 

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