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Nightmare with bottles!!


i am currently using Haberman bottles, my little boy is 4 months old next week and was wondering if changing to standard bottles was ok. 

The trouble with Haberman bottles is that every test is different, I understand they are vary flow but some just cover my little boy and make him choke. I'm at my wits end with them as I don't know if I'll get a good teat or 1 with a mind of its own. I have brought New teats but can't keep doing this every month. 


  • The Haberman Suckle Feeder was brill!  It is the only bottle that Haberman sell so perhaps this isn't the same?  Best for colic and reflux by a long shot (and I tried them all!!). No other bottle works like it does.  I really liked it that I could BF too.  I read the product reviews on before buying and glad I did cos there are a lot of claims out there.  image

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