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Breastfeeding latching

i have a baby girl of 8 weeks. I've been breastfeeding since birth but I find most of the time she doesn't open her mouth wide enough. she gets irritated as I keep trying to get her to open wide. Any tips just to get baby to open mouth wider?


  • Hi jade... My lactation consultant advised me that when you very first offer the breast your nipple should be at their nose level... Because it is out of their reach slightly there they have to open their mouths wider to get it & that creates a better latch. Also make sure her tummy is against your tummy so her head is at the right angle to your breast. 

    Hope that helps! 

  • I found this too. I find what helps is making sure I use my hand to support my sons neck instead of supporting his head or instead of having his head resting on my arm. It allows him to tilt his head back enough and open his mouth wide.

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