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green smelly poo's

sorry its a yukky subject. i had my suspisions that my baby boy was lactose intolerant from day 1. he swallowed maconium or his poo during labour and refused food for 6hrs and had to be tube fed, from the 1st feed his tummy gurgled and made noises. after 4 days we came home from hospital but he became colicy, so tried infacol wich made him constipated. when he was 2 month old he kept choking and stopped breathing whilst pooing. he was addmited to hospital and a doctor said he thought he was lactose intolerant as his tummy was swollen and madw lots of noise when he listend to it. after trying to get doctors to listen to me i decided to demand a stool sample bottle and took a sample of his greeny yellow play doh like poo to the path lab for testing. and switched to a comfort milk with 60% less lactose. this improved his pain and swelling and colour of poos. after a few weeks i got the results and just as i had said he is lactose intolerant. he is now on aptimal lactose free milk but his poo is still sage green sticky and smelly and his wind is stinkier than his dads. has anyone experianced this? could  he be aalergic to dairy? also i couldnt stomach any dairy during pregnancy, could thid have affected my bb?

any advbice greatly recieved.... image

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