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Gave my 4 week old prune juice: Did I mess up?

     Last night while I was helping my little 4 week old girl go because she was screaming with constipation I was reading online that some people would give their newborns a little bit of prune juice to help them get it going, and I was willing to try it if it would help, she hadn't pooped in about 2 days.

     So i got some today and gave her some, no more than .6 ml, and she pooped in about 20-30 minutes, but that was the only poop. So about 4-6 hours later, I gave her about .3ml more and googled the constipation thing again, but put in the prune juice to ask how much I should give. Only now, with that search criteria it says everywhere that you shouldn't give a newborn juice because they cant digestit.

So my question is.. Did I just make it worse? Is she going to get sick or was the amount too small to bother her? Im so worried I might have messed up and made her time being constipated double bad.. : (

-First time Mom


  • No, you haven't messed up, you have done what most parents would do & tried to help your baby feel better. If giving juice as a drink then it is advised to heavily dilute it but you weren't giving it as drink.

    If rubbing tummy to ease pain stick with clockwise circles (anti-clockwise will slow things down further) & cycle motion of legs can help too

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