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My little man is 14 weeks old now and we have battled with colic & silent reflux. I have now put him on c&g anti reflux milk and he is taking feeds much better and doesn't seem so uncomfortable. 

Unfortunately he is now getting more unsettled as the afternoon goes on (from 1pm ish) which makes me think he may have colic again. He only seems calm once I've bounced/rocked/jiggled him to sleep in my arms.

Has anyone else experienced this?

What did you do to help? (I already give water with little juice, sit him up during and after feeds & have a reflux wedge in his cot)

Thanks. X


  • Hi there. 

    Sorry to hear your little one is struggling! My little one had colic, he's 21 weeks old now and he came out of it about 16 weeks.

    We used anti colic bottles which worked a treat for us! And also good old fashioned gripe water in his bottles.

    Hope it settles soon x

  • Hi mummybuterfly

    Sorry to hear your having a hard time with the colic and reflux. I had a short experience with the reflux as soon as we changed milk to apitmil reflux she seemed to be much better. Colic on the other hand was horrendous. I use to get in such a state and cry my eyes out because I hated seeing my little girl cry from pain. Usually colic is the same time every day, is that the same as your little one?

    I used dentinox drops in her bottle which helped take the bubbles away which for us really helped. I also changed bottles to the dr brown ones ( although not sure if this helped or not ). when she became hysterical I would give her a bath and rub her belly and massage her belly once I got her out. But to be honest it was just a battle every day trying to find something that'll help. There is light at the end of the tunnel though and it doesn't last forever although it feels like it at the time! I had it from a few weeks up until she was 3 months. It's a horrible and lonely time dealing with a baby with reflux and colic though so always here if you need a chat. X

  • I know exactly how you feel ! My little man has done nothing but scream since day one and he is now 16 weeks old. Literally !!

    Anyway. How often does he sleep during the day ? I had read when I had my daughter to religiously put them to bed every 2 hours during the day even if they don't look tired because they are. Any longer and they get overtired. I only remembered this a couple of weeks ago and it worked wonders when she was a baby so I started doing it with my son and it's made a huge difference. He's still not 100% settled but there is definitely a massive improvement.

    Hope this helps xx

  • Hi. Thanks for the replies.

    He doesn't have a set sleep during the day, just naps on and off for 30 mins. The mam bottles and reflux milk is helping and I've started using the dentinox too now. 

    Up to now he has only ever slept at night if he is on my arm. I have tried so many ways but he just won't settle. I am on my own with 3 other children too. Yes it's very lonely & extremely stressful. 

    The crying seems to start just after lunch and get worse into the evening. Nothing is getting done because I can't put him down. 

    I have every age appropriate toy he has out to try and entertain him, bouncer, sit ring, swing, play mat, door bouncer & kick piano, nothing works.


  • Oh I do feel for you 🙁

    Have you tried putting a top in with him to try and settle ? Both of mine wouldn't settle unless they had their face snuggled into something that smelled like me. Maybe give a set sleep routine a go too ? Worth a shot ? Gripe water is also very effective.

    The only other thing I can think is an intolorance to the milk ? My friends little one has it and was extremly unsettled until they found out. Maybe a trip to the docs might give an answer.

    Hope he settles soon xx

  • Thank you. Yep I tried using my cardigan etc. I tried Gripe water but didn't notice a difference. I try to have a set bedtime routine & time but it's hard as it's often altered because of a change in feed time or my others playing up. 

    The HV just says to persevere but that is sooo hard when I'm so exhausted I just want to give in for a bit of rest. (Though I am trying my hardest not to as I know it's a rod for my own back in the long run)

  • I can sympathise with the silent reflux. It's awful! My daughter is 8 months now and I breastfed her for 7. I was advised to stop eating dairy just before finding out about the reflux and it was miraculous! I stayed off dairy until she was 6 months and then started eating little amounts. She is now on organic cows milk with no problems. 😀 Also a soother worked wonders too. She was constantly nursing until I gave her one at 9 weeks. I also found baby wearing and skin to skin can help a lot.  Hope this helps. Good luck 🍀 

  • LOU2345, what did you do if baby cried once in the cot? 

  • Lou2345, what did you do if you put baby up but he cried? 

  • (Sorry, it said it hadn't posted so did it again.  Now there's 2. Lol)

  • Mam anti colic bottles are magical in my opinion :), and cheap at tk max if u have one local. Dentinix drops are also very good. all the different colic medications go to different parts of the digestive system, so its a matter of finding the right one. Hope your litlle one feels better soon x

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  • Hope LO feels better soon.  We tried Haberman Suckle Feeder and it was brill.  Can't recommend it enough for reflux and its the only bottle that works this way.  Not the cheapest but by far the best.x

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