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My 11 week old won't take her bottle

hi all

my daughter is bottle fed and has reflux. She has medication for this. However the past week or so she has become a nightmare to feed constantly turning her head to each side pushing the bottle out and screaming even though she is hungry as she is constantly eating her hands. I don't know what to do? She used to be a good feeder but now I dread it any ideas what this could be? X


  • Hi 

    has your midwife looked at her or the health visitor?  Do you use a formula feed for reflux babies. Try changing the teet?  What bottle do you use.

    My baby girl now one had colic and did similar. She  Was always screaming and hungry for milk drank it crying and then took it all out. It was the wind trapped.  my health visitor also said reflux to me but the drops for colic controlled it eventually. And always towards the evening it would start  

    I know its very hard but get your midwife or HV to give some advice. 

  • I was in the same position. I experimented with different feeding positions. It was a nightmare but sometimes she would take it sitting propped up on the sofa, in her pram, or in her swing. Also sometimes Feeding in the complete dark with no distractions at all. Also going from 3 to 4 hourly feeds so she was hungrier.sometimes when she was that tiny I would hold her in one arm lying down and bounce her whilst walking around, to try and soothe her to feed  

    If it doesn't help then inwould go to the doctor. We were given a special milk for suspected cows milk allergy, althoihh I don't think she had one. 

  • If 11wks old & suckling on her fists...teething would be my guess here.

  • My 3 month old did exactly the same thing!  At 10 weeks she suddenly became very fussy with feeds, doing exactly as you describe - she was obviously hungry cos she would take the bottle in her mouth and then do a few sucks and scream and try to turn away.  It lasted about a week and then suddenly stopped - she is now back to herself again.

    She is also chewing on her  hands and dribbling like the clappers, so I am sure she has started teething.  My eldest got her first tooth at 4 months.  she keeps 'feeling' her bottom gum with her tongue as if she can feel something there although I can't!

    Good luck!

  • Thank you ladies i think maybe very eary stages of teething or her reflux. I have been giving her smaller feeds which have helped and have tried a few different feeding positions she loves her hands and dummy at the moment. I have tried reflux milk previously but she didn't like it and we now use comfort milk. Hopefully it will pass x

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