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Stopping breast feeding because of pain

Hi not sure if this is a rant or cry for help.

my daughter is 6 weeks old and I've been breast feeding from the start. bit of a random decision for me because my other two were straight onto formula but surprisingly I love breast feeding.

I thought I'd made it through the hardest part when I hit around the three weeks stage and was set to continue to breast feed until she was a year. I'm now suffering from really sore nipples and I just can't bring myself to carry on feeding.

Ive been trying for several days but every feed I just sit there crying in pain. I've got nipple cream and nipple shields but neither seem to be making it anymore comfortable to carry on. my nipples have started bleeding a little bit now too and I just can't take the pain anymore.

I had some breast milk in the freezer (only 20oz) so yesterday afternoon I fed her that hoping the break would give me some time to heal so I can continue to feed but they are no better. ive now come to the decision that I need to stop all together 😢

ive read that you should stop breast feeding gradually but how can I do that if I can't cope with the pain of pumping or feeding?

i was really proud of myself for breastfeeding and sticking with it at the start when it hurt but now I feel like I've failed. 

If you made it to the end of the post you deserve a medal! Thanks. 


  • Oh hunny. I'm very sorry. Please please see a breastfeeding peer supporter. Can you google it or ask your MW or look in your baby's red book. If all that fails to bring up anything useful you can phone your hospital and ask if they have an Infant Feeding Co ordinator or Lactation consultant you can speak to.

    To me it sounds very much like you may have thrush. Does your baby have a white tongue or inside of her mouth at all? Do your nipples hurt, sting, or itch when not feeding?
    Seeing a Breastfeeding expert or even a GP should be able to diagnose thrush. If it is you may need some BFing 'friendly' thrush cream which the Dr will provide. In the meantime if you have or can get hold of 100% pure coconut oil, that should help.

    If it's not thrush I would still see a BFing peer supporter as it may well be something as simple as changing the way she is positioned, if the attachment has 'slipped'... or it may be an undiagnosed tongue tie, which would need snipping anyway to prevent future problems with speech and eating.

    But, I really think it sounds like thrush, so do get checked out, it's ver likely it's just a minor set back and you can continue breastfeeding x

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