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My baby not eating

Sorry for wrong english because it is not my mother tongue. My 4 and half month baby girl not taking breastmilk and formula. She has MSPI. She was only on breastmilk and she was taking breastmilk till 29th dec and on 30th dec she stopped taking. She doesn't like bottle .We tried formula with spoon but she is refusing. She is crying because of hunger but not taking formula and breastmilk. Her GI doc recommend neocate and she refusing neocate too. She is only taking breatmilk while sleeping. Her number of diapers reduce. only 3-4 in a day. Is is so heartbreaking time for me. I didn't sleep from last week because I have to feed her in her sleep. Please help me with your suggestions.


  • I've had this problem for the past 10 days with My 4 month old he apparently has cmpa and wouldn't take the cmpa milk because of the horrible smell and taste. I could only get him to take oz or 2 whilst drowsy. the  dietician suggested trying vannila essence in the milk or banana nesquik. Maybe this might entice baby !? I tried banana nesquik and it worked. I also got different bottles to what I was trying him with.  Also I can manage to get him to take some by being in his car seat and distracting him by toys above his head. 

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