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Feeding every 1.5 hours - 2 hours

Ive read loads of old threads but since it was years ago I thought Id start my own.

My baby is 3 weeks old today he was a week early and 6lbs 4oz at birth he's now 7lbs 8oz so put on a good amount for a 3 week baby as my MW told me that babies often lose weight and go back up to their birth weight at roughly 2 weeks.

He wasn't feeding too great at first but guessing this was just because he was brand new out the wrapper I persevere.

Hes now feeding every 1.5hrs - 2hrs but doesnt take anymore than 3oz he will just be sick if he does. I tried stretching it out changing his nappy, burping, cuddling and a dummy and it really is just fed that he is wanting. By the time Ive fed him burped cuddle to go back down it's less than an hour until the next feed! It's the same at night and he won't settle between 8-minsight awake through the 8pm 10pm and 12pm feed. 

I cant get a thing done as by the time Ive done simple things like sterilise bottles he is due another feed I go days without showering because I genuinely do not have the time.

Has anyone went through this that can help?? I don't want to switch to hungry milk as Ive read it can upset his tummy but is it worth a shot at the 8pm feed?? 



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