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My baby won't feed properly

i had my boy at 34+4 due to myself having severe pre-e. He spent 20 days in neonatal learning how to feed. We tried to establish breastfeeding and he wouldnt take to it. We established bottle  after a few days and we're finally sent home. Since being home he's progressed everyday to up to 100ml a feed. He's an incredibly windy baby and suffers with reflux. He's currently on infant gaviscon but he seems to have stopped working and he's gagging and coughing. Today he's been quite lethargic and only taking up to 40ml, he's struggling to burp. He's going to sleep after the bottle and won't take anymore. He then wakes about 1 and a 1/2 to 2 hours later and does the same. I'm going to take him back to the drs in the morning about his reflux and mention how lethargic he is. No temp or sick. He's not screaming or anything either. I'm just concerned about him. I feel like he's regressed today? I'm so anxious about him cos of his start to life and being in the hospital. He's 5 weeks old by the way. I'm just looking for some advice or someone to talk to as im a FTM. 

Thank you. X 

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