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Baby not hungry in AM & PM

Hey all, 

Wondering if anyone can help/ offer advice.

My little one is 4 months old next week. For the past couple of weeks she has slept from 8:30 to around 6am and only waking once due to teething. I would offer a bottle through the night, because once I gave her teething crystals she would fall back to sleep. 

My issue is that in a morning, she doesn't finish a bottle (she drains 7oz throughout the day) she will have around 4oz and not want anymore & this isn't as soon as she gets up, this is usually about an hour after she has woke up. Also not finishing her evening bottle even after burping & more teething gel. 

Has anyone else's little one gone through this? I'm hoping it is just a phase. I'm starting her on solids next week so her weight won't be an issue hopefully 

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