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Hi my son is nearly 10 weeks old. He is bad at winding, some times taking over an hour to make sure he has burped enough. I was using sma comfort but changed to cow & gate comfort for colic and constipation.  He is still only taking between 3-4 ounces of milk, I have tried dentinox, gripe water, cooled boiled water and now on to infacol. He also gets the natural crystals if really bad. 

I also switched from avent to Dr brown bottles. I am looking for any advice to help him, I feel I am doing everything I can but there may be that one thing missing. Anything will be greatly appreciated.   Thanks


  • Infacol worked for us but you need to remember it at every feed as I was told they need to built it up. 

    I also found winding after every 2oz helped. 

    Trial and error and try get some rest yourself. 

  • This is his 3 rd week on infacol. Even tried just letting him feed and winding him when he stops( natural brakes). Such a shame. He just can't seem to brake wind enough. I hope its true what they say and that they grow out of it . 

  • I think I used infacol for 3 months lol.

    He'll learn soon enough. Sometimes after a feed if I couldn't get him to burp before I put him to bed and let me sick all over the bed I'd put him on a towel and tuck a muslin around him so when he did bring it back up I was able to catch it. 

    Unfortunately all babies are different.

    Do you use the prep machine to make bottles? I found giving them a couple mins even after they were made to let the bubbles from the filtered water settle also helped 

  • Yeah I have one of those machines. Its jst so hard because they can't tell you what's wrong. Jst need to keep going, and hope he starts to burp himself soon lol . image

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  • hey I'm new to this... my 2nd boy infacol worked great with him. my youngest is 5 weeks and it does nothing and he's bad at getting his wind up... if tried dentanox infacol nothing worked. recently troed colief oh my god it's a god send! 4 drops of it in baby's bottle. it is brilliant you will never look back! hope this helps!! 

  • My son sometimes doesn't burp so when he doesn't I just sit him on my knees and he burps on his own and when he is sat it puts pressure on his diagram and he burps he's 14 weeks and also on dr brown bottles 

  • I am in the same position, he struggles with gas at the bottom end and screans to get it out. Did this get any better and when was it?! My boy is 10 week Monday 

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