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Help with bottle feeding. Cmpa, reflux !? 4 month old not drinking.

so my little boys now 4 months ever since he was born I've had trouble with what the dr said was Colic. Crying during and after bottles, pushing the bottle away, only likes to be sat up, full of wind, bringing feeds back now and again, can hear the milk gurgling in his stomach, constipation Then diarrhoe after feeds ect..  been to the Drs so many times and sick of being turned away.

He's now 4 months and I dread feeding him! Hv has now said it could be cmpa. Had a right job to actually to get him to take the cmpa milk (sma althera) and was finally recommended to put banana nesquik in by a dietitian.

He's been on the milk for 10days now and at the start he started to improve and be more settled during the day and now the last 3 days hes turned back to normal. Starts drinking the bottle around 1/2 oz then he'll scream push it away arch his back. This is now with every single bottle!!

Has anyone experienced this or any advice on what the problem can be !? I've mentioned reflux many times but because he's been putting on weight steady there not prepared to help. Any advice or help appreciated! Tia


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  • My 2 weren't allergic to cow's milk, but both had reflux, so you have my sympathy, and I used to dread feeding them too! I found infant gaviscon from the Dr's helped.

    If your son is 4 months old now, have you discussed starting early weaning with your Dr or health visitor?  I'm not sure what the guidelines are now for weaning, but I started both of mine between 4 and 5 months. They seemed to like sweet purees like apple, pear and carrot and ate them quite happily. I know this wouldn't solve your milk problem, but you may be able to get some food into him and he may even enjoy it!  My 2 also liked the baby cereals where you add their milk to them, so that may be worth a try, with his formula, or you could try rusks?  I know these are all sweet things, and of course you want them to eat savoury foods too, but I found at first it was easier to get them to actually swallow sweet stuff, and introduce more savoury things a little later. All children are different though, you may find yours enjoys savoury food straight away! Good luck with everything!

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