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Bottle sterilising


I'm currently pregnant with my first baby, due in October and I'm starting to tackle the confusing world of feeding and sterilising.

I've looked into different sterilisers and was going to get an electric sterliser however my kitchen hasn't really got many spare plug sockets. So I've been thinking about cold water sterilising with Milton tablets as I have a huge kitchen island so can put the steriliser on that.

I just wondered if anyone else uses this method and what their experience of it is.

I'm keeping myself up all night with all of my worries at the moment so would be great to settle my mind on a method! 

Thank you!


  • Hi

    ive used milton when i went away for a few days. Although very handy for travelling i wouldnt use it everyday as it left a steriliser smell on the bottles, and i never thought they were fully clean(but thats my opinion)

    you can get the MAM bottles which self sterilise, so you just add some water in them and put it in the microwave. No space needed for a steriliser, but might just take longer if you do a batch at once.

    there are also microwave sterilisers instead of plug in on the market. My cousin uses the Tommee Tippee one.

  • Hi, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I don't even own a microwave. We've never had one but may consider getting one soon. 

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