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Feel like a shit mom

My baby is 4 months old and he was drinking 7-10 8 oz bottles of formula a day. I have been called a shit mom cuz I listened to his pediatrician who told me to lessen his formula intake to 34 oz a day and start solids. Was I alright to do so??


  • First off.... no-one should call you a 'shit mom'!!! Parent bashing is not ok & to be honest is usually a sign of insecur with the person saying those things. 

    Secondly.... you are following the advice of his pediatrician! The general advice now is to feed your baby nothing but breadtmilk or formula for at least the first 6 months... your pediatrician must have a reason for suggesting you start introducing solids before 6months? I would say trust your pediatr & your own mama instincts rather than those of a novice & hateful onlooker.

  • It's in those you know mom group on Facebook. If you don't parent the way they parent you are a shit mom. 

    My son is at 6 months level. He has done everything early. His pediatrician said to much calcium meaning over 34 oz a day can cause him to have kidney stones. And I trust him as my mom trusted him with me. He was my pediatrician growing up till I was 14 and he was amazing with me. 

  • If the paediatrician has told you to do so, you should follow his/her advice!! That does not make you a bad mum at all, just a sensible one!!

    Stop doubting yourself the fact your even worried makes you a good mum in itself,

    Hope this helps!!

  • You're definitely not shit!! I bet your son is loving his food too 😊 

    Hows he doing with it? 

  • He loves his food. His pediatrician has told me how to tell if he is ready and he is definitely ready. I have to say he loves people mashed potatoes and pudding and ice cream and chocolate. 

  • Haha he sounds like he was ready!! My little girl loves her food too - I weaned her at 5 months because I felt she was ready.. 

    Youre clearly doing great xx

  • He is doing amazingly

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