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Breastfeeding - over supply of milk

Hello, need to know if anyone has or had over-supply of breast milk. With my first she couldn't be breast feed from the boob due to her prematurity. With my second I have been able to. He did really well the first 2 days then all of a sudden he couldn't stay latched on and couldn't feed. Today I expressed some milk I got 12oz between both boobs on one expression. I was also able to still feed my son at the same time. I have had to express a few times today as there just always full ferry half an hour. They swell up then in so much pain. I really don't know what to do 


  • Breast milk production volume is by 'supply and demand'.... so unfortunately the pumping is probably making your problem worse.... if you have an over supply you need to stop pumping & let baby just take what he needs then your body will adjust... it might take a couple days & might be a little painful (& be careful not to get engorged.... there are tips for how to prevent that too if you start feeling like you are engorged or have blocked ducts) But it will adjust! 

    Good luck & if you need anything else just ask 😊

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