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10 week old having 8 ounce bottles every 3 hours - is this too much?

My 10 week old little boy is having 8 ounce bottles every 3 hours and is sleeping through the night but hv is saying he should go to hungry baby as 8 ounce is excessive after reading that there is no extra nutritional value im a little concerned about doing so he currently weighs 14lbs 5oz and was born 7lbs 11oz never lost weight hes a very good feeder and never vomits any of his feed back he is currently on aptamil formula do you think its an excessive amount also my first baby so i feel like im a little lost on the matter 


  • Hey Ash, honestly that does sound like quite a lot of milk - there's a guideline on the side of the milk box - it is just a guideline, but your baby should be within that range by a few oz

    if i were you, i'd try and stretch the feeds a bit longer- so give 8 oz, but try and push a little longer between feeds, like 4 hours instead of 3. The idea behind hungry baby formula is that it's meant to make the baby feel fuller for longer - it's not a bad idea too. 

    keep taking your baby to be weighed weekly so they can monitor his intake too - make sure you stay on top of things. 

    hope that helps, and try not to worry - it's not a big issue. 

  • Hi, it is difficult to stop them feeding that much when they are hungry isn't it. how many feeds a day? My boy is 10 weeks on Monday, he has 6oz every 3-4 hours and has 6 or 7 bottles in 24 hours. He would sleep longer at night if he didn't have reflux. My boy would take more if I allowed it. 

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