Pumps for “let down”, will they restart me?!

I breastfed my 3 week okd son for his first week then decided to change to bottle feeding as I really didnt enjoy breast feeding and only one boob seemed to work so he was continually on it making it sore. After stopping they were painfully engorged as expected but 2 weeks on and although dont hurt, the one working boob is still working overtime producing milk! Literally at times its like a tap and Im getting fed up having to change breat pads all the time or I soak clothes! I feel its such a waste too so did buy a silicone device which you suck on and leave to collect this ”let down”. Im scared to use it though in case it starts me getting engorged again? Would it do this eventhough its not properly pumping? 

I cant find an answer anywhere!

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