Spitting milk out while drinking

my baby boy is 6 months old he has the right amount of milk for his age but isn’t a greedy baby I some times have to wake him to get him to feed and he doesn’t really cry if he’s hungry I just do it every 3 hours ish. He’s gaining weight fine also. But when he’s feeding from the bottle so much spits out aswell as going in no matter how many bibs or clothes I used we both end up soaking. I’m thinking of trying different bottles he’s on tommee tippee atm, any recommendations on what bottles to try? Has anyone had this same problem? Thanks 


  • My baby had the same bottles and problem but at 3 months! I was on size 2 teats and tried to go back down to a size 1 but she wasnt happy with how slow the milk went down her throat! SO I even went and tried the 6+. She was fine for a while, she actually spat it out because it was to slow. HV and doctor said its her way of saying she doesnt want/like the bottle.

    After this I went on to MAM bottles as the teat goes in a babys mouth perfectly , since she was 3 months (now 7) she has been on (4+) bottles and downs a bottle of 180ml in less then 4 minutes!

    I hope this help. Only advice I can give is to try some different bottles. Might be worth trying the poundland ones, as I found they fit perfectly in there mouth and isnt to fast or slow either! (The winnie the pooh ones).

  • 7Months I switch bottles to advent n he drinks much better from them ... every 3 hours sounds often for a 6months old tho maybe he's not hungry enough try bigger bottles less often 

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