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loose stool in baby, should I be concerned?(picture will be attached)

hi little girl is 5 months and is gaining weight fine, she is bottle fed on cow and gate from birth 1 and has been having really loose stools since her 2nd jab of rotavirus which was over a month ago now. Last week she had little black bits in her stool and now it is really watery. I’m unsure if it is from teething? The rotavirus? Or if she is milk intolerant. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? And if so could you please let me know what the outcome was and what is best to do.

Thanks xximageimage


  • Could be milk intolerant definitely get it checked my son was on cow and gate and then all of the sudden he started getting loose stools with bits in then blood started..turns out he’s milk protin intoleran, so he’s on proscription milk now, apparently it’s really common ...hopefully it’s nothing but get it checked out :) 

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