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Advice Please!!! 16 month old keeps pushing teat inside bottles!

Hi. wondered if anyone has had the same issues as myself with their baby bottle feeding.... My son is 16 months and still has 3 bottles a day. I have always used the MAM Bottles and he has always been fine with them. Last few days he has been pushing the teat inside the bottle with his hands/fingers and then tipping the bottle up so milk spills everywhere. He feeds himself his bottles (has done since he was 5 months old). Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for new bottles I can try? I have been searching online for bottles with a fixed teat that you can’t push into the bottle. The only one I can find is Mimijumi (think that is how you spell it!) but some reviews say the teat is too hard and their baby did not like it! Any advice would be appreciated here!!! 


  • We transitioned our little guy onto some Inbetween sippy cups around a year old... we have ones called ‘munchkin bite proof soppy cups’ & they’re a great inbetween for transitioning from bottles as they still have the feel of a bottle teat in Some ways but are not hard plastic like a soppy cup usually is. The shape of it is also similar to a bottle so he had no trouble switching from the bottle. Here’s the link to them on amazon:

  • That should say sippy cup! Blummin auto correct! 😂

  • I think it's probably time to move away from bottle and onto sippy cups as woman above says. Bottles are meant to go until about 18 months old, so it's a good time to move over. You'll probably have to try quite a few different ones until he finds one he likes. 

  • personally I wouldn’t use bottles at 16 months old for a number of reasons and one reason is it can make their teeth go rounded like the ladies said above use a cup or sippie cup 🙂

  • Thank you so much SW2 I will try those! Thanks also to everyone elses for their replies x

  • I know. This is a old. Thread but my little girl. Is doing this at§12 months and was thinking of trying tommee tippee bottles or what cup. Would. I swtich too
  • We transitioned our son at 13 months into the cups with the straws because he didn't grasp the concept of an actual sippy cup yet so the straws made it a better transition since he's used to sucking on a bottle. 
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