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Help! I added more formula to an old bottle rather than a new water bottle.

Ok, so I know your not supposed to, but I take cooled booked water in a bottle and the correct amount of formul in the milk carriers to bed with me for the night feed. 

I woke half asleep and dazed and accidentally added the formula to the already made bottle that the baby barely drank before bed. 

He had about 2 oz before I realised after wondering why it was so thick. 

Has as anyone else done this and do you think he will be ok?



  • Also, forgot to mention that the baby is 3 months old and the ‘old’ formula was 5 hours old. 

  • I also do that technique Hanny .I'm sure he will be fine, it's a one off mistake .worse thing that will happen is he may get an upset stomach but I bet he won't .

  • I got to point i made bottle up b4 bed, and no matter what time he woke through night he got it.

    Now 8month and there were no issues, i think he should be okay.. 

    Best 9f luck

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