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Breastfed and dentinox?

Hi mum's, quick question, I am ebf and wonder if my 6 week old can have dentinox and if this is a good idea? Has anyone here got experience with this colic medicine? Also is it instant or progressive (like infacol) thanks! 


  • Hi i did use dentinox when breastfeeding but i am not sure when i started it so it is best to ask the pharmasist. I found it worked better than infocol for us. Altho i also found gripe water really good again i am not sure if there is an age it is suitable from.

    i think each baby is different so if what you are using is not helping its always worth trying something new.

    if you are breastfeeding try and keep a food dairy if baby is only colicy sometimes it may be associated with something you are eating  which you could then avoid. My baby turned out to have a dairy intollerance which was casuing his colic. When i cut down my dairy intake he was much better

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