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How much milk should I be giving my baby at 8 weeks old

My daughter is 8 weeks old she weighs 10lbs maybe more by now ..she's on 6oz but she seems to be waking up sometimes every four hours and sometimes every five hours 

Any advice please x


  • 6oz is actually quite a lot for an 8 week old. My lo only takes 6oz and is nearly 4 months old.

    and waking up every 4-5 hours is perfectly normal and actually very good for an 8 week old baby! 

  • Oh really /:? I had to change her milk to anti reflux milk and on the guide it says babies from age of 2 months weighing 11lb should be having 6 scoops with 6oz every 5 hours 

    My baby is 10lb the last time I got.her weighed so she probably weighs 11lb by now but she's wanting it every 4 hours .. sometimes she can go to 5 hours 

  • Doctor told us that the amount on the side of milk is a maximum amount. 

    She has 4 x 6oz bottles per day and a top up for bed and she is in the 75th centile. 

    She does usually sleep through now but that only started at around 14 weeks.

  • Pennie dont read the side of the box hun if babies hungry feed him/her if theyre draining botrles move up an ouce, my babas 11 weeks old and just moved onto 7oz bottles five times a day, hv said this is perfecrtly fine as long as i ger her weighed every four weeks, if u up oz when shes ready shell eventually drop the night time bottle, please dont listen to side of box, you no ur baby and when he/she is hungry!

    No two babys are the same! Xxz

  • So if she's having 6oz is it normal for her to wake up for her bottle every 4-5 hours ..she can vary sometimes between 4 and 5 hours?? X

  • All baby’s are didferent my little one is 11 weeks and is now 12lbs and only takes 4 ounces but every 3-4 hours and sleeps 7-8 hours on a night I was worried she wasn’t taking enough but she must be because she is putting on weight and sticking to her growth line. my Little one was a premature baby to she was 5 weeks early 

  • V normal, my baba has 6oz throu the day but still only goes 4 hours only dropped night bottle so far! Lizzielouise its funny isnt it my little ones on 6oz bottles is 11 weeks and not yet 12lb but eats more! Xxx

  • Bobble it’s mad like it is true what they say every baby is different 

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