Carobel to treat reflux

Hi has anyone tried their babies on Carobel to treat reflux if so did it work and how were they on it? Thanks 


  • Hi emmaloulou my little girl has been on carobel since she was 3 days old for severe reflux. 

    Wether it will work all not will depend on the extend of your little ones reflux? It stops my little girl being sick but she is also on ranitd to neutralise the stomach acid which is what reduces the pain and makes her a much more settled little girl. 

    We did try and take her off the carobel a couple of weeks back in doctors orders and she was back to being sick all the time so it certainly helps with the sickness.

    If little one is bottle fed I’d move up a teat size as it becomes easily blocked when the milk thickens.

    hope this helps. 

  • We never tried Carobel but were prescribed ranitidine and it worked wonders. They prescribed gaviscon first but that constipated my son and he’s been in ranitidine since he was 3 months old, and I’m now slowly weaning him off at 7 months old. 

    They’re still sick but it’s no where near as bad as it is without it, and the discomfort is gone! 

    I know this doesn’t answer your question, but I know it’s helpful to hear other people’s experinces 🙂

  • Thank you for responding. I took my little girl to the doctors and she said to try carobel first, the cow and gate one same has her formula. They don't seem to worry unless they're not putting on weight, it's not nice seeing them sick especially when it's projectile 

  • We had Carobel to start with but it wasn’t working that well.  Different Doctor prescribed gaviscon but eventually that stopped working so we tried anti reflux milk off the shelf but baby showed signs of dehydration so I spoke to another doctor who prescribed Carobel and Gaviscon together which looks to be helping.  We had a weeknor two where she struggled with wind but it settled and she seems ok on it now.  She still brings up a bit of milk but nowhere near what she was

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