3 week old always hungry feeding every 2-3 hours


I have a 3 week old (my first baby) currently she is fed breastmilk via bottle overnight (3oz) and Hipp Organic formula (3oz) during the day. I struggled to get her to latch properly onto breast alone.

 I find that she guzzles the bottle even with a number 1 teat, afterwards she is still rooting for more and we struggle to settle her. She’ll often wake 2 hours later & be hungry again.

some people say give her more but others say don’t over feed them. I’m torn as to what to do, I hate seeing my girl so upset all the time.

any advice would help.


  • Just keep feeding - doesn't matter if it is breast of bottle milk, just keep feeding more - i would up the oz in each bottle - if she's draining them, she is prob still hungry. And i think you can overfeed, but that's only if your baby is taking a crazy amount - use the guidelines on the side of the formula box, just as a guide. 

  • I always make up an extra ounce in the bottle regardless, have a break and wind as much as possible then feed again. If she is sleepy after winding change her nappy to wake her up a bit and then try again. like mrsg14 say unless she is taking a daft Amount I wouldn’t worry. I’m pregnant with number 11 and I’ve always done this and had good feeders and sleeper 😊 

  • Thank you both for your answers, have increased to 4oz and she seems much better, roll on when she sleeps for longer periods!! 

  • I had this with my daughter, I changed the teat to vari-flow. 

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