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8 month old still has 10oz through the night- help

My 8 month old is now on 3 proper meals a day and has 5oz bottles in between as well as snacks etc.

She still wakes up 4 hourly through the night at roughly the time each night for a bottle. Ive been told my various people that after 6 months milk through the night isn’t needed- last night I tried giving her juice instead of milk, and nope she had a few sips and started hysterically crying and I gave in and gave her a bottle and got up again 4 hours later to give another. since half 1 this morning to 8 o’clock she had 15oz of milk!! (She’s not even a big baby 16lb something and has a dummy)

help and advice please


  • You gotta go cold turkey. A had a similar situ and a friend of mine said to me, if you woke up in the night and someone said 'want a cup of tea' you'd be like hell yeah! So, i think this might be more habit than actual need of milk. You can do one of two things. Either water down the milk at night, over the course of a few nights, so you end up ONLY offering water (juice is really bad to give at night as it really rots babies teeth, try and avoid this for sure) or option 2, go cold turkey. Your baby will cry for the bottle for a few nights, but after a while, she'll get the message... 

    Good luck x

  • Thanks so much! the juice she only had a few sips and started hysterical crying so I gave in. Think I’m going to water The milk down. Do you mean give 4oz of water with 3oz of milk for example?

    i go back to work next Tuesday the broken sleepis killing me!!!

    thanks so much x

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