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1 week old changing from breast to bottle

my LG is 1 week & a day. really struggling with breast feeding, my LG constantly wants to be on my boob even just for comfort. I feel really bad & like I’m failing as a mother wanting to switch to bottle, either expressing or formula, so my partner can help more as I’m just too exhausted. I’m trying to express but it’s hard with her constantly wanting to be on me & the last 2 days even tho she’s been fed on breast still I just feel like my boobs are smaller and not full. Is there anyone else who has this situation. how did you go about making the switch? Sorry for all questions, I’m just worried about everythin.


  • Faye so sorry to hear you’re struggling ☹️ Don’t feel like a failure Breastfeeding is really hard Not many people actually stick to Doing it so you’re definitely not alone! I lasted about 3 days with my son and my nipples went completely flat he had nothing to latch onto. I didn’t even try with my daughter she was completely formula fed, I have heard after the first few weeks is does get a lot easier, have you tried seeking help to continue breastfeeding? But if you’re certain you don’t want to do it anymore and you want to express I would start off by giving her formula just to get her off of the breast, formula definitely fills them up for longer so it’ll give you a chance to start expressing and then you’ll be able to cut formula out completely and still use your milk, see how she goes if she’s struggling maybe try every other feed, I hope this is some sort of help, good luck xx

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