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8 month old having 4 bottles of milk at night

Hi guys I'm really in a pickle my lo is 8 months old and she is still having at least four bottles of milk in the night.she is on solids during the day and watered down fruit juice she eat little but often.i am worried about giving her hungry baby milk as I've heard it makes babies constipated and with her teething I don't want her to have anymore discomfort.any recommendations would be most grateful.

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  • Llama oh my you’re in a pickle! Does she still have milk during the day? 

  • What milk are they taking in the day?

    how much are they taking pet bottle at night ? 

  • My baby is nearly 9 months and has 2 5oz bottles same time every night! Between 1am and 8am she has 15oz! As well as 3 meals, snacks and 3/4 bottles during the day!!!

    i have been told this is a habit that we need to break. I have posted on here about this and have been told to try juice/cooled boiled water (boiled water best though as no sugar for teeth)

    so I tried and failed miserably on the first night! It’s bloody hard and I’m so tired from broken sleep that I gave in and made a bottle. I’m trying to break the cycle but I feel I’ve left it too late. I’m going to give it another go soon and stick to it no matter how bad she cries.

    you can discuss with your health visitor i know my area has A nursery nurse who can come to your home and do something called a sleep plan with you. They will tell you to monitor the bottles/food and when little one sleeps and eventually help ween off the night feeds. It’s so hard and I feel cruel and so tired but mine only has 2 i feel for you giving 4 🙈

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