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HELP NEEDED PLEASE - 8 week old baby screams and writhes 24/7

Hiya, I need some help as to my baby. He is 8 weeks and 5 days old, and it has been 8 weeks of 2 hours sleep a night for me and my husband and we are ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED. 

Baby screams and writhes basically 24/7. He is near impossible to get burps out of no matter what position we try. We have taken him to a and e twice because he just screams si much his lips went blue. They said he has reflux. I don't agree....I KNOW it's wind, if u jump him up and down you can hear it. 

He takes an hour to have a bottle and then screams for an hour afterwards. Poor poor baby. When he eventually calms down and drops off to sleep, he will sleep for a few minutes and rhen writhe around for the rest of his sleep. 

He is on nutramigin milk because the doctors are scratching their heads what is wrong with him. So trying the milk allergy line 

During his feed he is on and off the bottle,  really fussy. Hence it takes so jolly long. The wind is stopping him from taking it. 

He is on ranitidine for his reflux,  infacol for the wind, and the milk in case it's an allergy. We also give him probiotics. He also has carobel in his milk to thicken it-however that's givinghim constipation. He has also had his tongue tie cut. He is on dr browns bottles too. 

Can someone tell me when it wil end? And can someone give me some advise on what to do about his wind?  I don't need positions or techniques as such unless u have a miracle one! We have tried every technique under the sun it seems!!!!

Many thanks and look forward to lots of responses...i really need a miracle! 


  • Have you tried comfort milk sma? It has less whey it in daughter was like this and yes my dear it gets easier it really does..I know this doesn't help as your going through it atm I honestly thought I can't cope, felt like leaving sometimes due the sheer lack of sleep and I couldn't cope with the noise any longer but believe me it even out and starts to get easier. I was at my utter whits end and I went and got some comfort milk and it worked instantly the next day she was like a different baby, the wind came up fine and she started pooing much better. We swore by infacol and movements of the legs cycle motions and rolling her from side to side gently for about 5-10 mins I know it sounds abit wild but it seemed to move it about and eventually come out burping and trumping away. I also would gently squeeze her waist area just under her ribs at the back 2 fingers and thumb then strait after do the same on the side of her stomach. This also helped us wonders. Try to stay strong hun it's desperately hard and feels like your walking through tar but it's eases eventually xxx

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