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Cow and gate comfort HELP!

My daughter is nearly 7 weeks old and we changed her to cow and gate comfort cause of her colic today and she had brought up like clesr fluid 3 times and is crying lots which isnt like her, is it normal for this to happen or go back to her original milk? 


  • I remember changing my daughter from regular Aptamil to the hungry baby one as she was vomming up every feed - it does take a little while for them to adjust to a new milk, so i'd say persevere for a few days, see if she settles, and go from there. Also, and this might be the most important bit - if it's a thicker milk, you might need to go up a teat size as it can be harder for baby to suck the thicker milk, causing more wind and upset. 
  • Hi ladies maybe your babies are lactose intolerant. My daughter was the same as soon as i changed her to lactose free she was fine
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