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I breast fed and expressed milk for my little girl for the first 4-5 weeks but used SMA to top up as found milk decreased slightly. She’s now 15 weeks and on 5-6 4oz bottles per day. Shes now got eczema:( I still produce milk but fast disappearing:/ Due to eczema and doctor not willing to help I want to attempt to regain milk supply and feed her myself more to see if it helps her?! Has anyone managed whose milk is significantly decreased to literally a few drops when squeezed!! To gaining a decent supply again? Just after advice to see if it’s worth a try. I do have an Avent electric & manual pump but nothing really comes out with those I have to really squeeze end of boobs 😬 
I know it seems a strange idea but just want to help my little lady and see if it makes a difference. It’s tricky as I’ve got her to run around after as well as a 16 year old son ( doesn’t like seeing my boobs obviously so I’m always having to hide! A 1/ year old and an 8 year old!!
Thanks in advance for any tips 😊


  • Meant to say 12 year old!
  • Hi @missmyangels , it is possible to get your supply up but may take a bit of work. Have you tried skin to skin with baby an latching her on at all? Pumping is a really good option even if ur not getting much but you need to be relaxed,even have a bath and try, the more you do it the more itll encourage a supply. I didnt feed at all for the first week with one of mine and then decided i wanted to so i had to latch her on for 5 mins then pump as much as possible. You can also stimulate by using ur thumb and pointy finger to massage down downwards without pressing too hard.  Im not sure if you have also heard but putting breast milk onto dry skin or eczema a couple of times a day really helps to clear it aswell (its aldo good for stretch marks,ive used it). I hope this helps,i do have a page on here for breastfeeding advice if you want to join. Message me  sgain if you have any questions. Goodluck xx
  • Thankyou for responding :) I might try the milk on an area to see if it helps ! I tried on her sticky eye but it didn’t work felt a bit bad putting milk in her eye though!!
    Im going to definitely try an in between feed just to encourage stimulating production and try to pump when I have spare time:) I massage my boobs in warm water in the shower which helps flow:) will just keep going and see what happens 
    is there a link to the feeding group?
    thanks xxx
  • Its called breastfeeding support and advice on here, if you go on to latest threads. @DanielleMFM may be able to send ypu the link straight to it,im not very technical. If your unsure of anything give me a message, keep going with it and let me no hun xx
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