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Perfect solution to cool down formula milk for baby!!

edited Apr 10, 2019 5:38AM in Breast & bottle feeding
Hi Moms!
I’m happy to have found a great tool to cool down formula milk for my baby girl on EBAY!! I used to be very (cannot emphasis more...) stressful when I have to wait for the  formula milk to cool down by either placing it under running tap water (which wastes tons of water...) or simply leave the hot milk bottle in a jar filled with tap water (for at least 15mins to cooled down to 40 degree C). After searching for solution on the web, I came across this cup called "Arctic Ring baby bottle cooler and warmer" on EBAY. Its idea is quite simple. The cup has a reusable ice ring which you can toss in the freezer. This ice ring can cool down the bathing water of cup while the baby bottle is heating up the surrounding water. Only about 3 mins instead of 15mins is needed to cool down baby formula milk from 70’C to 40’C and most importantly, I don't have to feel guilty for wasting the running tap water... ^^  This cup certainly helps easing my stress! I also use it to heat up the bottle since the cup is double insulated with vacuum. All I need is place the cold bottle inside the cup with hot water. It heats up quickly. The idea of electricity-free solution makes it very traveler friendly, but it is just too big to carry around ><


  • That's funny because I never heard about problems with cooling the bottle. Though its an interesting, nice review of a nice product. Thanks for sharing!
    But could you share the link? I'm not sure that I've found the correct one.
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