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Hi new dad here. My wee girl is 9 weeks old and has had really bad trapped wind since day 1. She is struggling to take her bottle goes between 70 and 100ml every 3 hours and I believe it's due to her sore tummy. We can get some of the air out from her bottom but it never seems to help her. Will this pass as I am concerned she Is not eating enough and it really hinders her true nature. HV say she is fine as she has plenty wet nappies but it's really putting stress on myself and my wife. Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated. 


  • I know it sounds silly but have you tried watching Youtube videos? Just type baby wind and there are some really helpful ones for winding techniques and trying ways you might not have thought of yet. Also try winding throughout the feed rather than waiting until the end. Adding a youtube link, but there are loads of other ones too. Hope this helps. 
  • Try infacol in her feeds, it takes a few days to start working but I’ve used it on all of my children when tiny, also what bottles are you using are they anti colic? Dr browns bottles are very good for colicky babies I’ve found. Try breaking her off each feed a few times to wind her in between, sometimes it’s taken me a good hour to bring there wind up
  • As another has said. Infacol, Dr brown's bottles and wind in-between while feeding a bottle. I also found the best way to get my baby's wind up was to try and staighten her back, hold as you normally would with hand near neck but instead of patting back put Ur hand on her back and try to straighten it, this worked well. Unfortunately though I think you can try almost everything and they will still have a poorly tummy, I think it's just something you and baby have to go through (we did until about 4 or 5 months)
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