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Help! Nightmare feeder!!!! 😫

i really need some advice as i am stressing out with feeds for my 4month old daughter

she has been ill recently and has also had her tongue tie snipped so dont know if this is affecting it, but when it comes to feeding shes a nightmare. Its causing me great anxiety and stress everytime I have to feed her

i do her a 5oz feed and she takes to it first, had between 1-2.5oz. Then will moan and turn away. So i stop n try to wind(shes not a good winder). But in order to get her to have the rest, I have to give her dummy to settle her/make her drowsy then she will (sometimes) take it. Its very stressful becAuse she wants it but fighting it.

any help of advice? 😔


  • What's her routine like? Like does she have a set amount of bottles throughout the day and if so at what time?
    To me, it sounds like she could be snacking, rather than having a big feed - have to say my second baby did this, literally a few oz here and there - she was not a great feeder at all, so i can sympathise. 
    Have you tried infacol or gripe water during the feed to help with the winding? Also, have a look on Youtube for some winding baby techniques - they have some brilliant ones. 
  • So she doesnt have a set routine for naps. But bottles r typically every 3 hours 8.30, 1130, 3, 6, 8 (bedtime) 5am. Some feed r more of a struggle.

    Because she has the dummy in between feeds this adds to the winding problem too. I just dont know what to
    do. The feed just now she had 2.5oz and wont take mre... 

  • Also to add, she wont let hubby feed her... hes takin me away next month for 1night for my birthday and i am so worried she wont feed for my mum 😫
  • Ok, try not to worry as the main thing is she is feeding, and as long as she is gaining weight, all is well. She is having food, so she will not go hungry. 
    Can you slowly start to try and stretch the time between feeds a little more, so instead of 3 hours, try 3hours 15 min, then 3 hours 30mins etc. It sounds like you are trying to cram alot of feeds into her in one day - check the side of the formula box for guidance on how much she should be having - please don't stress about this though as it is only guidance! Each baby is different, and that's ok. 
    The winding will get better - as soon as she's sitting up unaided (which should be within the next few months) she will bring up with wind. 
  • Ok should i just let her have what she wants then leave her to it instead of giving her dummy?

    she is a chunky baby so im not overly concerned about weight. I hope it gets better😔
  • I would try just giving the dummy at nap times if you can. And just take it easy - make smaller bottles, so if you're mixing 5oz, go down to 4oz for a while until she is draining them. Also, note down on your phone how many oz she has at each feed, and what time you are feeding her - it helps to be able to see it written down. 
    Got to love a chunky baby - she will get there! 
  • Thanks annoyingly she is unsettled like she is still hungry and proper sucking on dummy. I dont know whether this is just me being a paranoid mum n wanting her to finish her bottle. My first son demolished every bottle, every feed no hassle. I guess i might be expecting the same with her when shes just not like that. 

    To add to the troubles... shes having injections today 😫😫
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