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Cows milk intolerance?

so my little boy got diagnosed with a cows milk allergy and put onto similac Alimentum within 2 weeks of being born because of how much he was pooing and being sick, he’s now 9 weeks and I think his milk was changed to fast and doctor and health advisor has advised me to change his milk, I’ve started him in cow & gate comfort milk for constipation and colic as he stopped pooing on the similac for 3 days at a time screaming in pain, swollen and hard tummy, tried cutting his feeds as advised and stopping him drinking so fast but nothing works, he used infacol aswell, tried gripe water, was told coleif would be a waste of money as the milk he was on already does that, has anyone else had similar to this problem? How long should I try him on this milk before changing him back if he isn’t any better?
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