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4 week old. 48oz in 24hrs.

Hello :) 
My lb is just over 4 weeks old. He was 8lb 15oz at birth and I was breast feeding at first. I couldn’t keep up with his demand so I weaned him onto formula.
For the past week and a half he has been taking 6oz roughly every 3hrs.
Ive spoken to my doctor and health visitor and they have both said it’s fine aslong as he is keeping it down- which he is. 

Im just wondering if anyone else has had a baby who has age so much so young?
Thanks in advance :) 


  • That does seem like a lot in 24hours but you've done everything right by asking the doctor and health visitor, and you're feeding on demand as he is a newborn, so i would go with it? Maybe he's having a growth spurt? Keep monitoring the feeds and write down how much he's having and when you next get him weighed, bring it up again? I wouldn't worry at the moment though, only if his weight skyrockets. 
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