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What Formula should I use?


I am really stuck on what formula to use, I would of always gone with Aptamil. However my friend was using this and her baby was just coming off milk at the time they changed the formula. We managed to scout the shops and get enough tubs of the old style to see her baby too the end of her using milk. I know that was last year and I don't know the latest.

Please could I have opinions on what milk to use?

Thanks :)


  • I think this is just a personal choice thing. If your baby never tried the old Aptamil, they won't know any different. I used Aptamil with both my girls, but this was some time ago - hungry baby formula for one as she had a tendency to projectile vomit until i changed to the hungry formula. I've also heard good stuff about HiPP organic, but i truly do think they pretty much all do the same thing, and it's just what suits your baby. 
  • I think they’re pretty much the same. I’m using mamia from Aldi this time. The midwife recommended it to me. Same as aptamil apparently but a lot cheaper! 
  • Thanks guys.

    My worrie with Aptamil is that they were complaints it wasn't mixing well since they changed the formula.

    I will have a look around :)

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