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Gaviscon infant - can i give it to my newborn?

Miley3030Miley3030 New
edited Mar 2, 2020 10:30AM in Breast & bottle feeding
Hi my baby is 1week old and 3days can i give him gaviscon inflant he has bad reflux making it difficult for him to feed 


  • Try infacol that work wonders for me 
  • Normally you can't get Gaviscon infant without a prescription. I'd recommend a trip to the GP to get your baby checked out rather than self medicating at home. If it's just standard reflux (and nothing underlying) then the doctor will hopefully prescribe you some so you can try it out.

    In terms of whether it is safe for a newborn then yes, technically it is. But you shouldn't be giving it without agreement from the GP.
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