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Can anyone tell me how to make formula bottles when out about?

KMoore11KMoore11 New
edited May 27, 2020 3:02PM in Breast & bottle feeding
my little one is currently 6months old. He was exclusively breastfed until recently. I had to stop as he developed severe reflex and wasn’t gaining weight. 
We use a perfect prep machine at home to make his formula however what is the best method to make bottles when out and about?
any advice would be great!


  • Hi there, try measuring out the formula into the bottles (2/3 - however many you might need when you’re out and about) and then keep a flask of hot /warm water to make up the bottle When you need it. 

    My 6 month old baby is exclusively breastfed now but I had to give him some formula in the first few weeks until I could increase my milk supply for my big boy.

    I hope this helps x
  • Hey!  I have a Youtube video on this exact topic:  LottieJLife & it's my formula video x
  • I used a tommie tippie flask to take hot water with me. And got some little tubs i could pre measure formula in. I also used ready made formula alot when out and then used the tommie tippie flask to warm it as it comes with a cover you can fill up to warm a bottle
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