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Postpartum period

Attention: Doctor
 Our daughter is now 4 years and 3 months old and is a twin girl.
 Still having breast milk  Regularly in each day, lunch 4 meals and 1 night
 But my wife  Have never returned to menstruation after giving birth since having a baby  Do not know what causes it.
 Be aware that if you breastfeed regularly, there will be no ovulation, no menstruation, and no pregnancy during lactation.  How true?
 Now the eldest twin
 Callie height 107 * 4 CM. Weight 16-2 KG.
 Daisy Height 107 CM. Weight 16-4 KG.
 My wife
 Sofia height 177-9 CM. Weight 56-3 KG.
 As for me
 Michael height 183-4 CM .. Weight 72-9 KG.
 Our family contraceptives by taking Cerazette pills.
 Since the 2 month postpartum examination until the present
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