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My 9month old seems to only want 18oz of milk

Hi guys my 9month old only seems to be taking 18oz of milk I have weaned her now so she dose have 3 meals a day I tried dropping the lunch meal for just milk to up the milk but she just ends up bringing it up she’s at reflux from 2 months old so milk was hard to keep down but the food she loves and keeps every bit Down and seems to keep all 18oz of milk down so she has 6 oz in morning before breakfast can’t take more that other wise I’d give more if I go past 6 oz she brings it up so then I give 6 oz after lunch about 2 o clock before this time again throws it up can’t give at 12 coz she just not ready for it. The before bed she has 6 oz at 7 and then she sleeps all night till 7 my worry is is she getting enough milk or am I worrying about nothing? 
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