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Newborn only latches to left breast

Hi mummies!

have you found your baby only latches to one breast? Any tips to latch to the other side? He tends to nuzzle then get angry. 

Thank you! 


  • Have you tried feeding him in different positions?
    My boy went through a phase of this and found that he preferred to feed lying down.

    When you say he nuzzles, do you mean he latches on but pulls off again, or just nuzzles that breast and doesnt attempt to latch?
  • @JaneDC he opens his mouth to latch and sort of just moves his head around like he’s looking to latch but he keeps doing it and then starts getting angry 🙈. I’ve only had him laying across my arms. What other position would you suggest? Thank you 

  • Side lying position might help. Although woman in pic above looks awkward! I lie my arm on the bed too. That position helped me when my son went through a phase of being fussy on the boob.

    I've tried the football hold, but couldnt get that to work for me. Think its good if you have bigger boobs. 

    You might need to help him by guiding him to nipple.

    If he still won't feed, id ask a breastfeeding expert. Im in Ireland, not sure where you are, but i can get advice over email and phone and they are quick to respond. 

    Good luck, hope he starts taking a liking to the other boob ;)
  • Hi @VRob123 , it seems babies have favorite boobie! My baby went thru a phase in the beginning when she would always want to start from right one first. If I tried the left one first she would get angry angry and refuse to latch. But was ok going to the left side after she finished feeding On the right. Did you try that??
     Or, does he absolutely refuse to nurse on the other side?
  • I’ve managed to latch him twice on the right today 🙌. Once when I was laying and the other a normal cradle hold but I had to be laying down a bit. It’s only day 2 but my nipples are sore🙈. Hoping they’ll get used to it. I put nipple cream on all the time to try & ease it a bit. Does it get better? He takes a good big latch, well my nipples are well drawn out after. Thank you both for your help! It’s baby no2 but first time breast feeding x
  • That's great news!! 

    For me it took a week or two until I didnt feel sore anymore. I cant remember exactly, but it wasn't too long. I was lucky, and never got too sore, just the initial latch would feel sore for second and then I'd feel fine. 

    I'm not sure if this actually helped, but I felt like it did. When both my boys were finished feeding in the early days, I wouldnt cover up straight away, I let my boobs get some fresh :blush:  Just didn't want them rubbing off material . . . . Made sense to me at the time 🙂 

  • That does make sense. The fabric does rub, cool air on the nips sounds wonderful 🤣. He’ll probably be awake in an hour so I’ll try whack them out now for a bit of air. All these tips are so useful! Thank you x
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