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Hi anyone else use hipp organic formula? If so how was it on ur babys tummy? My baby is 17 weeks old and has been randomly refusing bottle for the past few weeks. Only taking 2 to 3oz when usually would finish a 6/7 oz bottle without problem...
Currently using cow and gate.

Tried bottle of hipp organic right now and baby settled and gone to sleep. Is this just pure luck? Anyone please


  • My sister swore by this product (hipp organic) with her wee man and I will be using with mine all been well. He would refuse other milks but that one was fantastic for him. He had silent reflux xx
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 thank u for your response... my little one has suspected silent reflux aswell but Health visitors can't advise which formula to go for. They say its MY CHOICE. I have researched alot and dont want her to go on comfort milk YET. WILL try hipp first and then take it from there. Do u know how long it took for her to notice difference???? Thanks 
  • I asked her there now and she said about 2 weeks to notice a real difference. She was also using carobel to thicken it and omeprazole tablets daily prescribed by doc. But I know the hipp organic really improved things. Good luck 🍀🤞🤞🤞
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 thank u SO MUCH for your response. She is only on day 1 of hipp organic ready to feed formula as a trial... will see how she gets on in the next few days before purchasing the powder. As 90p per bottle is quite dear. Also its hard to get hold of here as not ALL shops stock it. I have to go to bigger supermarkets for it. Also due to this pandemic and LOCKDOWn ppl have been going crazy 
  • You're v welcome. I hope it helps your little one 😘
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