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Breastfeeding and the vaccine

LauraloukeLauralouke Regular
edited Feb 17, 2021 12:55PM in Breast & bottle feeding
Just looking for anyone in the same situation as me. I'm not in a critical group and I have seen the government advise that it is safe to have the covid vaccine but there is no advice on the safety of it for  the baby (119 also stated this) . My gp has advised not to have it. 

I'm so confused and dont know if anyone is in the same situation. I don't want to stop feeding and my daughter's well being in the most important thing but I also want to be safe. 

Thank you lovelies xxx


  • I’m in the same boat!! My little boy is almost 7 months and still breastfed, I have had my letter to attend for my vaccine due to me being a carer but not sure im happy to have it with little information available in relation to breast feeding!! 
    I’m not in a high risk group and have no underlying health problems!
    I haven’t spoken to my GP yet but may seek further advice, pls let me know if you hear anything xx 
  • Hey, im not sure how useful this nay be to you, but here in Italy where i live, they have said that women who breastfeed cannot have the vaccine
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