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Difficulties while feeding. Need help.

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Hi all, I have a 5 month old baby and she shows some discomfort while feeding. She wants milk but not having the needful amount. I don't know whether I am feeding her in the right manner. I shared this with my mom, and she asked me to check whether the baby is facing a tongue-tie. I heard about the tongue-tie problem from many of my relatives before, but actually, I don't know how to check and confirm it. So any of you guys faced a similar issue? Should I take her to a doctor for a check-up? Please give me some advice.


  • Hi all,Kindly request for your assistance on this problem
  • Hello, sorry to hear she is struggling a bit. Can you ask a health visitor? 
  • Hello,  I can feel your trouble as the same situation I have also suffered when my princess was of five months, and then I have opted to go with breastfeeding pillow which really helped me out as well as the princess also. She got a good and comfortable headrest then with the proper shape of the head as I felt then that these are really very important. You can go for it. 
  • Hi. You can speak to your health visitor if you're in the UK, or your paediatrician if you're elsewhere, and they can diagnose tongue tie.

    If the baby can stick Their tongue out quite far and lift it to the roof of its mouth then it's highly unlikely to have a tongue tie (this is what my midwife did with my baby as she clicks when she's feeling most of the time). X
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