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scared about work

I've only been in my new job since november, and now I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I've had alot of time off (just over 3 weeks) due to dizzyness and sickness - which I have been suffering with on and off all day long most days.
I get the feeling they think I'm skiving and they are being really awkward by calling me everyday (even though I am calling in sick each morning) and they are hassling me to keep going back to the doctors, get sick notes etc.

I haven't told them I'm pregnant yet, as I wanted to wait until I've seen the midwife (april 21st). I feel really pressured into going back to work this week, but it's stressing me out alot.
I work in retail, so I'm constantly on my feet and if I feel ill, I have to keep running off the shop floor to go upstairs - it's not really ideal.

Any suggestions?
Should I just tell them the situation and hopefully get them off my back?


  • Yes I would tell them!!!

  • I would tell them too.....otherwise they may think you ARE skiving and may try to sack you. If you tell them even though its early days they can not use your sickness against you. I also think that they would be more understanding if they knew the real reason why you are off.If you tell your manager that you don't want everyone else to know then they have to keep it to themselves.
  • How long have you been in your position?

    The earlier you tell them the more protected your rights are under "employment law" - they have to make provison for you in the work environment. Heaven forbid that there are redundancies in your workplace, but part of the selection prcess for redundancy can be sick leave. However, if this is due to sickness associated with pregnancy then they can not count this in the selection process. Therefore, tell them that you are in the early stages of pregnancy and that you have had a rough time of it.

    Good luck.

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