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Scared to tell a new employer!!

I am 6 weeks pregnant and am about to start a new job on the 29th March! I have only just found out I am pregnant and apart from the fact I have to tell my new employer I am pregnant i couldn't be more happy!!

When should i tell them?? I have my first scan on the 22nd April!

I am so worried about telling them and them getting rid of me its all I think about! I have a 6 and half month probabtion period! So am definately going to have to tell them in that time!!

Can they get rid of me in my probabtion period? I will explain I didn't know pregnant when I went for the interview! But i am really worried about what they are going to say or do!

Has any one got any advice for me! I really need it! My boyfriend tells me not to worry but its easy for him to say! He isn't the one telling them x

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  • Hey,

    I was in a fairly similar situation to you...

    Although I didn't know I was pg when I started, I found out in my 2nd week at my new job that I was 6wks pg. I was on a 3 month probation period, so its slighly different because I waited until that was up (so I was about 18 weeks gone when I told them), and it was really hard to hide the bump (mind you, this was in the summer, so I imagine it will be a lot easier in this weather as you can just wear lots of layers!). They were fine, and appreciated that it wasn't planned and said I shouldn't have waited until I told them!

    Unfortunately, depending on your contract, they can get rid of you for any reason within your probation period, BUT, they have to have a good reason - so if you are amazing at your job (I put in extra effort and was really conscious about impressing them), they cannot really afford to do that because employment legislation is generally on the side of pregnant women so they need to have a really solid reason to get rid of you.

    Personally, I would leave it for around 3 months or so before you tell them (like you said, you will have to tell them at some point before the the 6.5 months is up though). Leaving it 3 months will give you enough time to impress them, and to reassure them that you are coming back (thats what I told my company, but I am not going back now as I have since found massive cracks showing in the company!!).

    I do have to warn you though, hiding my pregnancy, even just for those 18 weeks was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had dreadful morning sickness, and I had to make a mad dash to the toilet every lunchtime without looking suspicious. There is also the extreme tiredness -it was almost impossible to get out of bed some mornings, so a few times I was really late, because I just didnt have any energy (now in the 3rd trimester this lack of energy is back!!).

    Anyway, i just wanted to warn you that its no walk in the park, but I really would wait until you feel comfortable that they are happy with you - maybe you could arrange a mid probation period meeting with your manager to discuss your progress and make sure that they are happy with you before you mention anything. Also, try to get something in writing, like an email that they are impressed with you, just to cover your back.

    I hope that helped?

    Good luck, and just remember, it is all completely worth it!!! x
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